Mi a floorball?

Floorball is a Nordic-style ball game similar to hockey. Two nations also consider this sport as their own invention. At the end of the 1960s, they played a game called floorhockey in the United States (similar to the current ones). In Sweden, too, they invented a very similar sport for the American who was named innebay, Andras Czitrom was a Hungarian among the connoisseurs. Their goal was to create a game that is at least as enjoyable, but cleaner, as possible for those in the hockey aggressiveness that can be played in a gym.
The game is played by two teams. Each team consists of five field players and one goalkeeper. Field players have a lightweight, carbon-fiber hammock like a hockey stick. The goalkeeper wears a helmet, large breast, knee or leg shields, no horseshoes. The game is played with a hard, tough ball made of plastic. The tracks are usually set up on a handball scale (40m x 20m), surrounded by a 50cm high deck.
Matches consist of 3 20 minutes (pure play time), including 10 minutes breaks. Thus, a meeting takes about 2 hours. In the case of all odds and goals, the game is "pulled" from the center. Meetings are conducted by two equal-ranking referees. Teams, like the hockey, change rows per minute, so up to 20 people can sit on the bench on a match.
As can be seen above, two judges lead the meetings who intervene in case of irregularities. The manner and quality of the irregularity are different degrees of punishment. In the case of minor offenses, a free kick is the reward of a skeptical team, but in coarser cases, the referee may have a 2-5 minute or even red card (may be disqualified).
The exact rules can be found here .
Hungarian floorball
In Hungary, the game was introduced in 1989 under the name of pallet ball. This year, the Hungarian Paly Ball Association was formed, the successor of which was the Hungarian Floorball Association in 1997. Significant progress was made at this time. Especially young people - general and high school students - started to play.
From 1998 he became a student Olympics. 2009-2010. over the course of the academic year more than three hundred, 2010-2011. more than 400 teams have been launched in the academic year (the number of which is constantly increasing). In 2013-2014 there were more than 450 teams involved in small-scale battles, while nearly 150 teams joined the Unihoki and Grand Slam Student Olympics!
In addition to the age group (U9-U19), there is currently a male first class (OB1), a second class (OB2) and a third class (OB3). Women show their power in a class (Women's OB1).
We organize tournaments for young people in two systems. For the smaller ones, in the unihoki system, ie on a smaller track with 3 + 1 persons, shorter playing time. While for the big ones, we have the 5 + 1, but shortened playing time for the championships. We would like more children to discover this sport, so we look forward to the replenishment as a priority area, and we will try to pass on the success of the Olympiad to the national championship system as well!